Thursday Blog Trot #5

Thursday Blog Trot #5

Well, it's a late night for me this Thursday.

Sorry I’m getting this post up so late. I’ve been working a lot of overtime lately, and it’s been eating into my blogging time a lot. Either way, my schedule doesn’t stop other book bloggers from keeping up with their blogs and posting some fantastic and helpful posts! 

I normally try to feature different bloggers each week, but this week is a bit repetitive because some people just have too many goodies to share!

Thursday Blog Trot is a weekly meme dedicated to passing along great information provided by bloggers from all over the world. If you like the sounds of this Thursday Blog Trot Meme, feel free to use it, along with the image provided! Be sure to comment below if you do!

Privacy Policy

Simant at Flipping Through The Pages had a fantastic post (that I had never considered myself) about having a privacy policy on your blog. Create Your Blog’s Privacy Policy breaks down what a privacy policy is, why it’s important, and what it should include. This is some very valuable information, folks! Be sure to check it out!

Bookstagram: Photo Props

Pamela at Reverie Society wrote a wonderful guest post on AvalinahsBooks about Bookstagram props. Looking at a lot of feeds out there, it seems that people spend a lot of money for props in their photos. Pamela, however, gives affordable tips for anyone to use in Bookstagram Myths: Are Props Expensive?

Audiobook Love

Tiffany at Read By Tiffany shares about why she loves Audiobooks. I have to agree with you Tiffany, they are definitely efficient! Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks gives some great pointers as to why this format of reading is so handy. If you haven’t tried listening to and audiobook, do it!

Linking Up

If you are unfamiliar with “linking up,” be sure to check out Nicole’s post over at Feed Your Fiction Addiction! She wrote a guest post for AvalinahsBooks about linking up, what they are, and how great they can be for becoming participated with other bloggers. Be sure to check out the post a What Are Linkups All About?

Get Back To Writing!

I also like to share writing tips because even if all book bloggers aren’t aspiring authors, we are all writers. But also, I hope to be an author someday, so this may be more for my reference than others 😉 Maria at A Writer’s Journey posted about How to Get Back To Writing After A Long Break. Writing slumps, reading slumps, all sorts of slumps can happen. It’s getting back into it that matters—and how that is accomplished matters too. I’ve taken a somewhat forced hiatus from writing, but have wanted to get back into it recently. This post has motivated me to do so. Even if I only get 100 words down on paper a day, it’s still writing! Be sure to check out Maria’s blog for more wonderful writing advice!

I hope you find these great posts helpful and useful! Be sure to give these bloggers some love by checking out their blogs, and leaving a comment or a like!

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