The Star-Touched Queen is for Star-Crossed Lovers

The Star-Touched Queen is for Star-Crossed Lovers

Fate and fortune. Power and passion. What does it take to be the queen of a kingdom when you’re only seventeen?

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The Star-Touched Queen

Series: The Star-Touched Queen #1
Author: Roshani Chokshi
Publication Date: April 16, 2016
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Page Count: 324
Format: Hardcover
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Mythology, Fantasy
Cover Artist: 
My Rating: ★★★

The Star-Touched Queen (The Star-Touched Queen, #1)The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Night coaxed out the stars, my jailers.

Wow. This book was just…wow… It has been a while since I have read such a unique book. Steeped in Indian mythology about Hades and Persephone and folklore (which I am not that familiar with) this book was teeming with new experiences. It was delicious and decadent in description and dictionary.

If words could melt, the words of this novel would have seeped through the pours of my skin, and into my being. Chokshi makes every sentence count, packing them full of imagery and meaning. I know some people would label it as being full of purple prose, but they made sense to me.

The story itself centers around a girl named Mayavati, who is a cast away from her society for having a foreboding horoscope. Come to find out, her horoscope tells the truth, but in ways that were not conceivable by those who discarded her for being burdensome.

However wonderful, a few things desperately bothered me–Maya was SO quick to be persuaded away from Amar, who obviously loved her, to believe lies fed to her by someone she barely knew. Because of this, it led her her betraying Amar, for reasons I think were more rash than I believe they would be realistically.

Secondly, Amar’s character, however interesting, is wildly underdeveloped. I wish we could have known more about him. Anything and everything.

For these reasons alone, I give this book 4 stars.

I won’t write too much here, because I don’t want to spoil it. I would highly recommend this read, simply out of its beauty and individuality. I am looking forward to its sequel coming out in March, A Crown of Wishes.

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