The FFBC Beyond The Shadowed Earth Blog Tour

The FFBC Beyond The Shadowed Earth Blog Tour

It has always been Eda’s dream to become empress, no matter the cost.

Partial synopsis provided by Goodreads.

Beyond The Shadowed Earth

Series: Beyond The Haunting Sea #2
Author: Joanna Ruth Meyer
Publication Date: January 14, 2020
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Page Count: 400
Format: Physical ARC
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Cover Artist: Ashley Tenn
My Rating: ★★★





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It has always been Eda’s dream to become empress, no matter the cost. Haunted by her ambition and selfishness, she’s convinced that the only way to achieve her goal is to barter with the gods. But all requests come with a price and Eda bargains away the soul of her best friend in exchange for the crown.

Years later, her hold on the empire begins to crumble and her best friend unexpectedly grows sick and dies. Gnawed by guilt and betrayal, Eda embarks on a harrowing journey to confront the very god who gave her the kingdom in the first place. However, she soon discovers that he’s trapped at the center of an otherworldly labyrinth and that her bargain with him is more complex than she ever could have imagined.

Set in the same universe as Joanna’s debut, Beneath the Haunting SeaBeyond the Shadowed Earth combines her incredible world building and lush prose with a new, villainous lead.

Beyond the Shadowed EarthBeyond the Shadowed Earth by Joanna Ruth Meyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thanks to The Fantastic Flying Book Club for having me as a part of your blog tour!

I received a copy of this book via Page Street Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! In no way does this affect my rating or review.


All included quotes have been taken from an ARC and may not match the finished publication.

”One must always take care when treating with gods,” said her father. “It may not be worth the risk.”

Okay, I know that I should never judge a book by it’s cover, but I must mention that I absolutely love this cover! With that out of the way, let’s get on to the review. Beyond The Shadowed Earth is a companion read to Beneath The Haunting Sea. I didn’t realize this before picking up this book, therefore, I haven’t read Beneath The Haunting Sea and plan to in order to get a full picture of this bookverse. Apparently, Eda is present in both stories. However, other readers (who have read Beneath The Haunting Sea) are agreeing that you don’t have to read Beneath The Haunting Sea to understand this book.

Beyond The Shadowed Earth is a beautifully written story about a villain who finds her way to redemption. Set in a world that is well-built, it was easy for me to sink into the imagery that linked it all together.

Eda’s character is a difficult one to adhere to. She is brash, selfish, and plain irritating at times. Early on in the story, she argues with her advisors unabashedly, and it’s embarrassing at times. Her reason, however, is understandable, when the god that she made a deal with to become Empress shows up to remind her that her time to pay them back is running out. Frantic and afraid, Eda pushes harder and harder to get the temple dedicated to reigniting belief in the old gods completed. But with the royal coffers depleting, Eda finds that she is in trouble. Out of desperation, Eda travels far to find the god of the mountain to take back her power, only to find that she would have a lot to learn along the way.

My Rating: ★★★★

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