The Aberrationists Cover Reveal

The Aberrationists Cover Reveal

Who is ready for another cover reveal week?

Welcome to the Snow Day Cover Reveal Week with The Parliament Press! This week will feature five new covers of upcoming 2020 titles!

Today’s cover reveal is of THE ABERRATIONISTS by Ray O’Meara. Due to come out in June 16, 2020, this one has certainly peaked my interest. Just check out that cover! It’s a YA Urban Fantasy that fans of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series and Maximum Ride series will love.

Goodreads page coming soon!

Be sure to stick around this week to check out what other amazing titles The Parliament House has in the works! 

Book Synopsis

High school senior Will Kendrick always saw himself as perfectly average in every way. However, a series of disturbing dreams and a visit from an old acquaintance of his parents changes everything he thought he knew about himself. Ripped from the safety of his suburban home by a stranger, Brandt, Will is thrust into an adventure that will reveal his own hidden past, dark family ties, and a world-threatening darkness that only he can stop.

Brandt informs Will not only that the Kendricks are not his birthparents—that Will’s bloodline carries what is known as the Aberration: an ancient demonic strain that gives him superhuman abilities. Brandt and an organization known as the Collective plot to use Will as a weapon against the man who killed his birthparents, Desmond Duquesne. On his journey to confront Duquesne in Boston, Will encounters other “Aberrationists” who have incredible abilities—and agendas—of their own, including the powerful but absent-minded Francis Whitworth, the amoral mind reader Mr. Wisp, and the unstable assassin Candace, who has an ironic fondness for raising the dead.

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