State of the ARC: February

State of the ARC: February

Well, there goes February...

I’m going to come right out and say it. I’m not happy with my progress this past month. While I did a LOT of work on improving my posts, Bookstagram account, Pinterest boards, and so on, my blogging and book reviews suffered. Luckily, I only have three books that I must read this month as they are to be published. I plan to use this longer month to get caught up on some reviews that have been sitting, and get a bit ahead in my ARC reading. 

Just a note in case you haven’t heard of this; the State of the ARC Meme is hosted by AvalinahsBooks. Go check out her website for further information if you’d like to join! It’s a great way to get some motivation to tackle those old ARCs that have been weighing down your TBR stacks.

Are you ready to see the ugly truth? I don’t think I am…

I'm hoping you all know what this gif is from...

If not, then you may be missing out 😛 Anyways, before I share my stats, I wanted to note my ratios and overdue numbers. My Netgalley feedback ration took a few steps up. Last month I was sitting at 53% because I was approval-dumped. This month, it climbed a few rungs up to 55%. My overdue numbers increased by 2 which–it is what it is. 

My Edelweiss feedback ratio went down 1% to 39%. Luckily, I didn’t accrue anymore overdues!

Requests I’ve received from authors haven’t changed much. I haven’t been accepting requests for a bit, hoping I’d be able to tackle more of these, but I’ve been a bit behind in general, so I’m just trying to maintain on all platforms. I did end up accepting a new request for an author that I have reviewed for a few times before so I just couldn’t turn her down! My feedback ratio is sitting at 43% and dropped 2% since I took on another ARC. My total overdues have stayed the same.

Lastly, publisher requests have changed a bit. I’m sitting at a 50% feedback ratio, and my overdues have stayed the same.

Upon seeing all of that chaos, my stats don’t look so bad. It’s mainly when I put them all together when the nasty shows. Either way, I’m really hoping that March will prove to be a better month for me. I despise getting behind on things, and that’s all that I’ve felt lately! 

At least I was able to get through seven ARCs. I was also reading a lot of other books for the Beat the Backlist Challenge. So, that hasn’t always been helping my stats. But sometimes, it does with older ARCs. 

How did your month go for State of the ARC?
Let me know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “State of the ARC: February

  1. I actually don’t know what that GIF is from! Tell mee 😀 now I’m super curious.

    On a related note though, sorry about your ARC progress! I still think it’s good though, because you climbed anyway 🙂 at least on NetGalley 😀

    Doing both the Backlist and ARCs kind of puts you at a disadvantage though, you know what I mean? You can almost exclusively do just one or the other, unless you’re reading some really old ARCs 😀

    I hope next month goes better 🙂
    Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks recently posted…[Story collection review] Yet Another Slightly Odd Collection of Short StoriesMy Profile

    1. Ahh! The GIF is from a movie called “Super Star.” It’s a comedy and the main character is played by an actress that used to be on Saturday Night Live. It’s pretty hilarious.

      That’s okay–I think I may be in a slump with just being overwhelmed with quite a few things lately. But, hopefully it gets better!

      I agree that the Backlist challenge doesn’t necessarily help me—but, with some of my old ARCs, it applies! So double-win on those ones that I’m able to check off! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

    1. Haha, yay! (Is it bad that I feel relieved when you say that?) I guess we reacted the same way so…let’s just get through this together! This was not a great year to participate in the Backlist challenge. However, quite a few of my overdue ARCs apply towards it so, it’s also a good thing? Overall, it’s intimidating to think of ALL the books that I want to get through while knowing that I’m already so far behind where I want to be. Ugh! Good luck to you this month and your reading!

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