State of the ARC: December

State of the ARC: December

December has come and gone. The new year is upon us!

Thus bringeth another State of the ARC update! State of the ARC is a Meme created by AvalinahsBooks. Check out her website for more information if you are interested in participating! I’m pretty happy with the progress I made in December. I always wish that I can read more, review more, write more…more, more MORE! Yet, I’ve come to find that the more we try to push and “get things done,” the less we spend on actually enjoying the process. 

This is something I've found myself doing.

I love to read. I think it’s safe to assume it’s the reason why we are all here. However, I don’t want to hustle through books to get as many done as possible. Because of my ARC TBR, I feel all-the-more temptation to do this. 

But let’s be honest, we need to take our time to read. We need to have time to reflect. (We need to take notes!) We need to write good reviews. Or else, what’s the point in being a book reviewer?

I’m saying these things to remind myself more than anyone. I feel like I’ve gotten in such a rut with hurrying through books to get to the next one, never really stopping to smell the pages. 

I think I’ve found a bookish New Year’s resolution. Anyways, onto the stats for this past month!

I participate in both the State of the ARC Meme, as well as the #ARCsAnonymous group on Goodreads (they go hand-in-hand.) Majority of my reads fell in with the theme of the month: Fantasy reads. 

Since I like to see, and read the stats, I’ve shown them in graph and written formats. 🙂


I know my feedback ratio looks atrocious, but it increased by quite a bit over this past month! (Like, almost 10%) I’m quite proud of my accomplishment. Hooray to small victories!

Netgalley Feedback Ratio
Overdue Stats Increased By:
  • New ARCs:  6
  • Read and reviewed: 7
  • Read, but needs review: 1
  • Remaining to read for December: 0
  • Due in January: 4
  • Due in the future (excluding January): 7
  • Overdue: 35

Newly Approved ARCs


Edelweiss Feedback Ratio
  • New ARCs: 1
  • Read and reviewed: 2
  • Read, but needs review: 0
  • Remaining to read for December: 0
  • Due in January: 3
  • Due in the future (excluding January): 5
  • Overdue: 1
Overdue Stats Increased By:

Newly Approved ARCs

Direct Requests

UGH! It is my goal to have 100% feedback ratio in all areas, but especially with these directly requested reviews! This area needs major improvement!

Request Feedback Ratio
Total Overdue
  • New ARCs: 0
  • Read and reviewed: 2
  • Read, but needs review: 1
  • Remaining to read for December: 0
  • Due in January: 0
  • Due in the future (excluding January): 0
  • Overdue: 12


Let's Get This Done!

I have been trying to read my oldest ARC for the longest time–Dragons of Dark by Ava Richardson. In order to do so, I also need to read the second book in this series, Dragons of Kings. Let’s get this done before it hits the year mark of sitting there, untouched!

That’s if for now! My next State of the ARC update will be posted on January 29th–stay tuned! How are you doing on your ARC TBR?

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4 thoughts on “State of the ARC: December

  1. Looks like you are making progress. I don’t accept review requests from individual authors unless I’ve already read and loved another book by them. That helps control the ARC pile. I’m heavier to NetGalley than Edelweiss both because I don’t really care for the way Edelweiss is organized and because most of the publishers I read are on NetGalley. Come see my ARC post here. Happy reading!

    1. Slowly but surely! I don’t accept every request I get from authors, but I like to give new and unknown authors a chance! I also use Netgalley more than Edelweiss for the same reason. I’ll be sure to check out your post!
      Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for joining again! I suggest going to my post and fixing your link in the linkup though, because I think it’s from your old blog, and your link structure has changed, so it doesn’t really go anywhere 🙂

    I understand the feeling. The ARCs do give you that “just get it overwith” feeling and I hate that! That’s why I’ve deliberately set my reading goal low this year, just so I could actually enjoy books, and not work at them. Be in the moment 🙂 (as corny as that sounds xD)

    Actually, your ratio is fine xD (mine’s 52.) 😀 and it’s not like we need MORE books to be approved! I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to stop requesting now at all xD in that sense? The ratio doesn’t even matter 🙂

    Oh you even calculated your Edelweiss ratio xD cause I don’t think Edelweiss really has a ratio as NetGalley does. Thank god 😀

    And I don’t even look at my direct request ratio xD lordie…

    Good luck this month!!

    1. I’m glad to be participating again! Thanks for pointing that out – although, I couldn’t figure out how to fix the existing, so I just added it again with the correct link (sorry if that messes anything up on your end!)

      That’s a good idea for setting your reading goal lower. I’m just hoping by having mine higher this year, it will motivate me to stay on track! I guess we’ll find out in the end, lol!

      Yes, I wanted to check my ratios for all areas because well, stats. It also bothers me knowing I having things sitting that really need to be completed at some point!

      Thanks! Good luck to you as well!

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