#ReviewRally Challenge

#ReviewRally Challenge

Are your reviews-to-write list getting you down?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. I’ve been sitting on some reviews that I need to write for a few months. It’s time to buckle down and get them done! Currently, I have seven reviews that I need to write and post (including one book that I’m currently reading, but will finish shortly.) 

So, what exactly is this "Review Rally?"

Seeing how I’ve been unsuccessful with staying on top writing my reviews, I needed a little motivator. For the next seven days (February 19th-February 26), I will be posting a book review that’s been sitting in order to get caught up! One review per day. At day seven, I should be sitting on a fresh, clean “to-review” pile.

The list that needs reviewing:

Interested in joining? Go for it! Just use the tag #ReviewRally. Let's help motivate one another!

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