Mini Book Review: Chronicles of Steel: Raven Episode 2 by Pauline Creeden

Mini Book Review: Chronicles of Steel: Raven Episode 2 by Pauline Creeden

Episode 2 of a 4 part Steampunk Fantasy set in an alternate universe. For Captain Jack Grant, the hunt has just begun. Can he capture the elusive Raven Steele, or will she slip through his grasp? As both sides take on new alliances, they will find that one will be an honest partner, one will fall, and one will betray them all.

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Book: Raven Episode: 2

Series: Chronicles of Steele

Author: Pauline Creeden

Publication Date: September 6, 2014

Publisher: AltWit Press

Page Count: 79

Format: ebook

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Novella

Cover Artist: Alchemy Book Covers

My Review: ★★★★

Raven Episode 2 (Chronicles of Steele #1.2)Raven Episode 2 by Pauline Creeden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review of book 1 in series: Raven Episode 1 (4 stars)


The hairs on Raven’s arms stood upright as understanding fell upon her. The Wood Witch. They’d reached her early.

This installment in the series is even more intense and fast-paced than the first book Chronicles of Steele: Raven 1: Episode 1! There is no pause for breath as the story jumps right in from where it left off. Raven is on the run with the young Baron, trying to reach the Wood Witch while being pursued by a group of men with ill-intent. However, what was a long journey turns up short when they come across a woman who offers to help them but also has her own agenda to abide by.

We get to know the character’s backstories a lot more, as the story is told through present and past-tenses. Backflashes into Raven’s earlier years help to paint a picture of how she became a reaper, and how the relationship with her father was.

I’m still waiting for more description of the characters themselves (although, there were more here than in Episode 1.) I’d just like a better visual to the characters themselves. Again, this episode was very enjoyable, fast-paced, and clean all-around.

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