Koush Hollow Cover Reveal

Koush Hollow Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal!

Today, I’m helping The Parliament House with the cover reveal of KOUSH HOLLOW! (Isn’t it stunning?) KOUSH HOLLOW is written by author Leigh Goff, and will be published in September 2020. This YA fantasy is set in New Orleans and focuses around bayou magic.

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Book Synopsis

When Jenna’s father dies in a tragic accident, the sixteen-year-old must move to Koush Hollow, a quiet suburb outside New Orleans, to live with her wealthy mother. Although a misfit, Jenna is a legacy candidate of The Diamonds & Pearls, her mother’s exclusive social club, but mystical Voodoo beauty treatments and regatta balls are an unwelcome change for an eco-warrior with attitude.

The Diamonds & Pearls enjoy timeless beauty and wealth at a cost Jenna never dreamed she’d be interested in or willing to pay. However, she slowly becomes entangled in her mother’s seductive world.

As time runs out, she races to uncover the club’s deadly and environmentally corrupt secrets that stretch deep into her past and threaten the future of the bayou and those mystically connected to it..

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