How Much Of A Book Addict Are You?

How Much Of A Book Addict Are You?

Have you ever wondered how much of a book addict you are?

I certainly have! Especially when I started participating in book blogging and reviewing, I felt like an amateur (and still do) while trying to understand the ways of book bloggers and how to manage reading all of the delectable books out there as fast as possible!

I came across this quiz on BuzzFeed asking “How Much Of A Book Addict Are You?” (You can take it too by clicking on “BuzzFeed!”) Well, naturally, I took the quiz to see which category of crazy I fell into. 

It turns out that I’m not as crazy as I was thinking—which I’m glad for. Some balance is always good in life, right? 

If you aren’t interested in taking the quiz for yourself, I’ll include the questions (along my answers) here for your perusal. 


1) Read more than one book a month?


2) Read more than one book a week?

Oh Yeah!

3) Read more than one book a day?

On several occasions. Never EVERY day though.

4) Read more than one book at the same time?

You can do that!?! I thought it had to be a minimum of three?

5) Read more than two books at the same time?


6) Read more than three books at the same time?


7) Lose track of the number of books you are reading at the same time?

*Laughs sheepishly* It’s happened.

8) Prefer dates with books over dates with strangers?

Well, I mean, I’m an introvert so… *looks around for escape*

9) Prefer dates with books over dates with friends?

I’m an introvert, not a monster!

10) Prefer dates with books over dates with your main squeeze? (AKA – significant other/spouse)

Uhm, NO. Being a mother makes dates with my husband all the more sweet (and less often!) I’ll take every opportunity I can get to spend time with him 🙂

11) Prefer dates with books period?

I don’t really know how to answer this? Let’s just say when I’m able, I’m reading!

12) Fall asleep with a book more than once a week?

Nope. How can you fall asleep while reading?

13) Fall asleep with a book more than twice a week?


14) Fall asleep with a book more than three times a week?

Who’s sleeping this much, anyways?

15) Fall asleep with a book more than four times a week?

Uh, no!

16) Fall asleep with a book more than five times a week?

So every work night, you actually get to bed on time?!

17) Fall asleep with a book more than six times a week?


18) Fall asleep with a book more than seven times a week (c’mon, naps)?

This is utter nonsense. 

19) Actually never fall asleep with a book because who has time to sleep when this book  needs finishing?

Now, this is a GOOD question! YUP. Every night, almost.

20) Have one book on your bedside table?


21) Have two book son your bedside table?


22) Have three books on your bedside table?


23) Have a giant stack of books on your bedside table?

I literally have multi-shelved stand with towers of books on it. So…

24) Not have a beside table, just a giant stack of bedside books that act as your bedside table.

This may be pushing it. How do you even dust and clean efficiently? 

25) Have one bookshelf in your home?

Of course!

26) Have two bookshelves in your home?


27) Have three bookshelves in your home?

You bet’cha!

29) Have bookshelves instead of walls in your home?

Uhm, maybe you live in a library then…

29) Not even know what bookshelves are, because your home is entirely made of books?

What kind of question is this!? Your books would be RUINED by the elements! Who would allow such a thing!?

30)  Have a library card?

OH yes!

31) Have multiple library cards?

No. Mine works for multiple different libraries in the district.

32) Have multiple library cards because you are wanted at one or more libraries for exorbitant late fees?

Say what!?

33) Read while at the dinner table?

Quite often. 

34) Read while a friend is talking to you?

*shifty eyes* Sometimes…

35) Read while walking down the street?


36) Read while riding your bike?

I don’t ride my bike that often.

37) Read while driving?

Yet again, audiobooks for the win!

38) Ever laugh out loud while reading a book?

Who doesn’t?

39) Ever cry while reading a book?

Com’mon. We ALL do it. No matter how tough we think we are.

40) Ever swear under your breath while reading a book?

I don’t like vulgarity, so no.

41) Ever swear audibly while reading a book?

Again, no.

42) Ever yell while reading a book?

…It’s happened.

43) Ever throw the book you’re reading across the room because WHY?

Haha! Yeah…

44) Ever do number 38 through 43 all while reading the same book?

Considering I answered two questions “no,” then no.

45) Ever miss your subway stop because you’re reading a book?

Guys, I live in small town, USA. We don’t have subways here.

46) Ever miss your train entirely because you’re reading a book?

No more trains. They tore them out about ten years ago.

47) Ever call in sick to work so that you can finish a book?

That’s naughty! I’d like to keep my job, thanks!

48) Ever wear headphones (no music_ while reading so no one interrupts you?

Hehe, it’s happened. Especially on long car rides. 

49) Ever ask yourself “WWMFC?” (What Would My Favorite Character Do?”) when faced with a real-life issue?

Erm, no. Sorry, sort of a dumb question.

50) Give books instead of advice when a friend comes to you for help?

Who does this!? Listen to your friends, folks! We live in an era which is desperately looking for genuine attention!

51) Have extreme rules for whenever you loan a book to a friend?

Ha, yes.

52) Refuse to loan out your books, period?

No, because sharing is a healthy trait to practice!

53) Have trouble walking past a bookstore?

Oh, always.

54) Know all of your local booksellers by name?

Seeing how there aren’t many where I live, yes.

55) Take your paycheck straight to your local bookstore?

It’s a common occurrence.

56) Buy books even when you can’t make rent?

Guys, I’m an adult. This is just a dumb question.

57) Avoid moving at all costs because your library is so large?

Never moved (yet).

58) Sacrifice all your belongings aside from your books if you ever do end up having to move (probably because of the aforementioned rent thing)?

Another dumb, and obvious question. I’m not going to run around naked! Books don’t make good clothes.

59) Feel most at home in a bookstore or library?

Oh yes, it’s one of the most delightful feelings. 

60) Ever fantasize about kidnapping your favorite authors to get them to finish your favorite series (ehem, George R.R. Martin)?


61) Ever fantasize about kidnapping your favorite authors for other purposes (ahem, Annie Wilkes?) 

EXCUSE ME!? Who is coming up with these questions, because they need to check themselves!

62) Get a little tyrannical when it comes to book clubs?

A bit, yeah.

63) Follow more authors than friends on Twitter?


64) Not actually use social media because it cuts into your reading time?

No, it helps to support my reading!

65) Pride yourself on your ability to turn anything into a bookmark?

Scrapes of paper, tissues, shoe laces, used napkins…

66) Carry at least one book on your person at all times?


67) Ever try to cook meals featured in your favorite books?

Yeah, sometimes if a certain food is mentioned, cravings occur. They should have a warning label on the cover for that.

68) Ever wish you could be friends with your favorite character?

Of course!

69) Ever wish you could date your favorite character?

Nah. I’m already married to my favorite 🙂

70) Ever dress up as characters of your favorite books?

It’s happened.

71) Always read the book before you see the movie?

No, but only for Lord of the Rings.

72) Never see the movie because you’re worried it will ruin your perfect imagining of the book?


73) Judge people by their taste in books?

Eesh, it’s happened. I should work on that.

74) Sometimes wish that you lived in the fantasy universes of your favorite books instead of in the mundane real world?

I mean, don’t we all?

75) Often wish that you lived in the fantasy universes of your favorite books instead of in the mundane real world?


76) Know in your heart that real world is the fantasy and that the world of your books is true reality.

If I let my imagination run, then oh yeah!

77) Get jealous of your local bookstore’s cat?

What? My local bookstore doesn’t even have a cat. If they did then…I’d be worried about cat hair on my new books!

My Results:

Yes! The perfect mix of book-lover and realist! That's my style.

Have you taken this test? What were your results? Are you a book addict, logical addict, or someone who may need to seek help? Let me know in the comments below!

I am the author behind Foals, Fiction & Filigree. An all-encompassing blog about horses, books, and my art.

16 thoughts on “How Much Of A Book Addict Are You?

  1. There are some fairly odd questions in here (like the kidnapping one!), but I think I agree with most of your answers, so I probably have symptoms of book addiction as well!

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers to the quiz especially when the questions got annoying. LOL. Might do this quiz one of this days. A good idea for a post too.

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