Guest Post with Clo. Reviewing Books 101: #1 Reviewing All Books

Guest Post with Clo. Reviewing Books 101: #1 Reviewing All Books

Hey Readers!

For the next three weeks, Foals, Fiction & Filigree is inviting Clo from Book Dragons to be a guest on the blog! She’s an accomplished blogger, and has some seriously hilarious stuff on her blog. She puts the snark in snarky, without a doubt! Be sure to head over to her blog and give her some love! Now, I’ll pass things over to Clo!

Wheeee *slides in oh so gracefully* so firstly, thank you to Sheila for having me on her blog. She’s letting me guest post thrice, due to the posts being a short mini series, focusing and dissecting the topic: Reviewing Every Book We Read.

Before we get into the first post, lemme introduce myself. I’m Clo, I run Book Dragons and can also be found over at Bookwyrming Thoughts (which is run and owned by Sophia!) I’m from England, UK and I love tea. Ahem *sips cuppa* oh my first language is definitely sarcasm. So with that all done, let’s dive into why 99% of book bloggers, start out by reviewing books. As well touching upon, us trying to review ALL the books we read.

Simply, we love reading ok and sharing our love of books happens through shrieking about. Reviews are a perfect way to shriek, it’s why most of us start out doing reviews. (unless you’re me, more on that later.) However there’s also this pressure and expectation, for us to post reviews since we are book bloggers. The thing is though, just because you’re a book blogger doesn’t mean you need to exclusively post book reviews.

your blog = your space

What do I mean but this? Well, assuming it is your own blog and you’re not a co-blogger. Then your blog is your own space, to post whatever you want on it. I mean…within reason. Ahem let’s not get wild now and start posting about physics if we’re supposedly a book blog. Keep to the niche.

As readers we have this desire to share the books we’ve read with others, most of us don’t have people in our day to day lives, to do this with. So we take our passion online, I present to you the book community. When you join, you’ll see how many books people are reading and chances are…you’re gonna start putting yourself down for not reading as much. For not keeping up with the rest of us. (spoiler – you should be keeping up with yourself, no one else is in your shoes but you…)

Reviewing a book is tricky, it’s a complex maze of figuring out what words are. How to coherently write your feels down, without just putting “Squeeeee this book was so good and omg I love so much. You need to read it now and I just can’t cope ahjspasnsaosns”

I mean…you could put that down but it’s not exactly helping anyone here haha. Another thing you’ll realise, is either all these book bloggers have super good memories, great note taking skills or they’re magical. (we’re all magical ok.)

If you’re just starting out, chances are you’re dreaming about reviewing all the books you read, since that’s what we all must do. We don’t, we don’t have the energy to physically write a review for every single book we read. Some of us may for some reason, choose too. It’s their choice, just like it’s your choice whether you want to review all the books you read or not.

Common Thoughts We All Have

That looks too short

What am I even doing?

Does this even make sense, or am I squealing/ranting too much?

Is this too negative?

Omg am i being too picky?

How am I meant to calculate my ratings?!  

Breathe. We all have these thoughts, I’m usually sat wondering if this is too short and then I’m just like to hell with it, we’re not writing words for the sake of it. Sometimes, we just don’t have much to say on a book. Other times it feels like we can write essays on the book.

Just keep this in mind, when you’re unsure on whether you want to review all books/post a review. Is the review stressing you out because you can’t remember what happened? Are you obligated to post it? (review request/ARCs you do need post a review at some point!) Lastly,it is a review at the end of the day. Stats are low on that content type usually, so remember it’s great putting a lot of time and effort into that post. Just don’t get down over them not doing well, it may not be your doing, it may just be no one scanning through posts wants to read a review right now.

The last post in this series, will be focusing on reviewing hyped books vs backlist books, as I think they have a huge role to play in stats. But the next post, will be all about whether the star rating affects, if you review a book. Do you review every book you read? If you do, do you enjoy it? If you don’t do you wish you did? Or are you glad you don’t review all books?

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I am the author behind Foals, Fiction & Filigree. An all-encompassing blog about horses, books, and my art.

8 thoughts on “Guest Post with Clo. Reviewing Books 101: #1 Reviewing All Books

  1. This is so helpful and I love it! Sometimes I need a reminder that my blog is mine and I can do whatever I want with it <3 And though it is mainly a book blog, it's also my writer website so that opens up all the possibilities of what I want to post and how I want to post it! Thank you for that glorious reminder.

    1. I needed the same reminder, too, Brigid! I used to be very involved in writing monthly wrap-ups, planned reads, and ARC stat posts each month. These took a ton of time to compose, too. I simply don’t have the time to do them right now. I’ve been sticking to mainly write book reviews as I continue to read and receive ARCs. Until I’m at a point where I have some more time to do other things, guest posting may be more of my “other” content generator. It’s a huge relief being reminded that I don’t HAVE to do EVERYTHING, though!

  2. huh, and here I thought everyone just got magic powers when they started their blog and the book gods somehow passed me by ✨ but for real, “What am I even doing?” is my constant mood as a blogger – probably a big part of why I don’t cross-post all or even most of my reviews to my blog. I’ve been writing up brief reviews for the past few years, but not all of them are fit to share 😅 if I was trying to write blog-worthy reviews for every book I read, I’d definitely burn out. great post! 💖
    Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites recently posted…State of the ARC: Jan 2019My Profile

  3. Damn Clo, you’re everywhere ! 😂
    I get the “keep the niche” but also .. why not get more than one niche if you want to ? I went from “books” to “Books, blog, Bujo, games, animes, and eh.. personal other stuff!” xD Though, I tend to post more blogging and bookish, and then you have Alex on the side doing his thing ahah (mainly anime and.. whatever he wanna write)

    Isn’t it wierd how most book people usually ALWAYS have the same “I was an lonely child” backstory ? mmmh, I wonder why is that.
    Ahaha yep, you are SO RIGHT! What even is words.. and how I formulate them to be COMPREHENSIBLE and UNDERSTANDABLE.. truly a challenge. Awesome post !
    Kristina recently posted…Rigning in the new year tag !My Profile

  4. I love reading books reviews – I like to see what people are reading and what they think of the book (especially those are on your tbr yourself, which means you can read how the book is and if others like it too.

    It’s weird, with positive reviews – you think you know everything you want to say and how to say it, but when it actually comes to the review writing, it’s like we temporarily lost all knowledge of how to convey our feelings!

  5. Yay! So glad that you’ve hosted Clo…also…

    Clo. Get out of my head. Actually this was a great read, another post that made me feel like I’m not entirely alone in these feels I have as I’ve joined this community, so thank you so much for that.

    Thank you both for doing this! Can’t wait for next week!

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