Guest Post by Keep Reading Forward: Why Mythology Is My Favorite Part In A Story

Guest Post by Keep Reading Forward: Why Mythology Is My Favorite Part In A Story

Well long time, no see everyone!

It really has been a long while. Today I have Anthony here from Keep Reading Forward with a fun little discussion. Before we get into it, let me ask you: what is your favorite element of a story? Let’s see what Anthony has to say!

People usually ask, “What’s your favorite book?” or “Who is your favorite author?” or perhaps the odd and annoying “Why even read?” question. Does anyone even ask “What’s your favorite part in a story?” I am not talking about your favorite part in the book you’re currently reading, but in reading in general. Which part of a story do you normally get excited for? The one thing that I always love in a story is mythology.
I understand that while mythology isn’t always featured in every story, mythology is the one subject that I will always have an interest in. Mythology makes a story interesting. In some books, it is a story in a story and even offers some background information on the overall story. When I read a new fantasy story that is set in original world, mythology is always a must for me. The mythology is what ties everything together to make a whole.
What I also like about mythology is that sometimes there a details in the legend or story you just understand, even though it can make no sense at all sometimes, even for the real world. It is the magic in it that we pass as understandability. Perhaps magic is the real reason why I always appreciate a little mythology in stories.
Even when a story or book does not feature mythology, it doesn’t mean it is not for me. I’ll still give it a try and probably will like it. I usually like a variety of books, after all. Mythology is just a little something special added to make some good stories even greater. It is just the small amount of something special that just does it.

Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward

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