Book Review: Dark Consort

Book Review: Dark Consort

Partial synopsis provided by Goodreads.

Dark Consort

Series: The Dark Dreamer Trilogy #2
Author: Amber R. Duell
Publication Date: October 29, 2019
Publisher: The Parliament House
Page Count: 308
Format: eARC
Genre: Young Adult, Dark Fantasy, Romance
Cover Artist: Shayne Leighton
My Rating: ★★★★★

Dark Consort (The Dark Dreamer Trilogy, #2)Dark Consort by Amber R. Duell
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book via The Parliament House in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! In no way does this affect my rating or review.


All included quotes have been taken from an ARC and may not match the finished publication.

Content Warning: Gore, Torture, Death

This review will contain some SPOILERS for Dream Keeper for those who have not yet read it.

The Lady of Nightmares would rule by fear, and no one feared a thing they knew.

Dark Consort was a fantastic sequel to Dream Keeper. I was happily surprised because I typically have a difficult time with the midpoint of trilogies. Completely unrelated, it was so nice to read this sequel just months after the first in this series. Having a lesser gap between installments has kept the plot in my mind fresh and familiar. I’ve been really looking forward to seeing what happens next in the dynamics between the Sandman and Nora since Nora became the Weaver.

Dark Consort served as a world-building machine. The land of Dreams and Nightmares, especially the latter, are so foreign and fascinating. Totally left up to the interpretation of the author, I believe Duell did an amazing job at painting a vivid picture of the complex and demanding landscape that the Weaver rules. It only further cements the difficult task that Nora has ahead of her at assuming her crown as the Lady of Nightmares.

In order for Nora to assume her new role, she also has the hefty task of gaining respect from her new subjects. The wide array of nightmares that presented themselves was so engrossing. I just wanted to know more about them each time one appeared–what their purpose was, and why. Some served simple purposes, while others were complex and helped to drive the plot forward as helpers, or antagonists.

The main focus throughout Dark Consort is following Nora and watching her character transform. While she transforms into the Weaver, she must learn to set aside her fears and expectations in order to gain respect from others, grow in the attributes that she must acquire to be a leader, and also retain parts of her that help to keep her her. Obviously, this transformation puts a strain on the relationship between her and the Sandman. The feud between dreams and nightmares, peace and upheaval, “good” vs “bad” all become a part of the relationship between the Sandman and the Weaver. Obviously, these positions do, and will complicate their relationship deeply.

Mare’s character–an age-old being that liked to wreak havoc on the Nightmare realm–was quite memorable. I’m very curious to see how she will come into play in the next installment, as not much happens with her directly.

My only issue with Dark Consort was actually the Sandman’s character! I really loved his character in Dream Keeper. But here, I felt like he was stuck in a way. To a point, it makes sense. He’s been around for a long time which probably hinders his consciousness of change within himself when change is happening around him. Some of the decisions he made were short-sighted. No matter what, I’m expecting that there will be growth within his character in the next book.

I’m really anticipating Night Warden coming in 2020, to see how this trilogy will end up! It’s been a wild ride thus far!

Vulgarity: Minimal.
Sexual content: The two main characters sleep together in one scene, but there is no explicit content.
Violence: Moderate, with some gore and minor torture scenes.

My Rating: ★★★★1/2

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