Bookish Playlist #1: January 2020

Bookish Playlist #1: January 2020

Let's start something new!

I wanted to start this right away in this year, but I’m clearly already behind. Either way, everything needs a point to begin! I’ve decided to start assigning a song to each book that I read (and review) each month. Mind you, I read a lot, but don’t always get around to writing a review right away—or so my 32 pending reviews tells me—so this playlist doesn’t exactly follow my reading schedule.

Here, I’ll list out which song is assigned to which book. The link to the playlist, if you are interested in listening to it, will be at the bottom of this post! Click on the Spotify icon to take a listen!

1. The Evil Queen

by Gena Showalter

Song: Once Upon A Time TV Theme by Voidoid

2. Oasis

by Katya De Becerra

Song: Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish

3. Scavenge The Stars

by Tara Sim

Song: Pirates of the Carribean by 2 Cellos

4. Ashlords

by Scott Reintgen

Song: Dark Horses by Switchfoot

5. The Will and the Wilds

by Charlie N. Holmberg

Song: Change On The Rise by Avi Kaplan

6. Woven In Moonlight

by Isabel Ibanez

Song: Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor by Jeno Jando

7. Given

by Mandi Taylor

Song: Kindred Spirits by Brian Crain

8. Monstress

by Marjorie M. Liu

Song: Monsters by TimefliesĀ 

9. Spellhacker

by M. K. England

Song: Magic Spells by Crystal Castles

10. A Layer Hidden

by Candace Robinson

Song: Hidden Layers by Relaxing Escape

11. Sons of Fire

by Tracy Auerbach

Song: Run Devil Run by Crowder

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