Mini Book Review: A Gathering Tempest by Catherine Jones Payne

Mini Book Review: A Gathering Tempest by Catherine Jones Payne

Book: A Gathering Tempest

Series: Broken Tides

Author: Catherine Jones Payne

Publication Date: November 19, 2017

Publisher: Fathom Ink Press

Page Count: 50

Format: ebook

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

A Gathering Tempest (Broken Tides #0.5)A Gathering Tempest by Catherine Jones Payne
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A prequel novella to Breakwater


He’d learned a long time ago that life wasn’t fair, but that didn’t stop the ache in his chest whenever he stopped too long to think about it.

This review will be short and sweet, considering it is only covering fifty pages of a rather simple backstory. There’s not much to say about it. The reader gets a glimpse into the life of Alexander’s story before everything escalates in Breakwater. What had made him look guilty before, was cleared-up in this story by telling it from his point of view.

Alexander’s life isn’t like that of his fellow classmates. He’s not pampered or used to excessive living. His hardship can only be overcome by his own determination because nobody will help him through life but himself. Without his Dad being an active part of his life, as well as a consistent breadwinner for the family, Alexander must do something to keep himself safe from the threats his father had accrued over time that were now spilling onto him.

I appreciated Alexander’s determination, yet, saw the folly in his choices. He is obviously too proud to ask for help when it is rightly needed. The situation he is thrust into as a fourteen-year-old is quite unjust, and justly calls for him to seek out support from others. Yet, his embarrassment stops him. Perhaps he is his own worst enemy. Interestingly enough, it may turn out for the best in the long run as he’ll learn to provide for himself when others his age will just be getting a taste of maturity.

I was hoping for a little more to this prequel. I think what information was given on his situation was summed up and could have benefitted from more elaboration. I still appreciated the writing style, and am looking forward to the next installment in this series.

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My Rating: 3 stars

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