Beginning’s End Cover Reveal

Beginning’s End Cover Reveal

Today is a good day for a cover reveal!

Today I’m back to help reveal another cover for the next installment in The Empire Saga. BEGINNING’S END is the third installment in this series by M. Dalto. This book will be releasing September 2020 with The Parliament House!

Add BEGINNING’S END to your Goodreads TBR!

Haven’t read The Empire Saga yet? Start out with TWO THOUSAND YEARS then follow with MARK OF THE EMPRESS.

Book Synopsis

Ever since her unexpected return to the Empire, all Queen Empress Alexstrayna wanted was to protect her family. Despite of the life-altering events that occurred within the Borderlands, her family – those that remained- were all she had left, and as Empress is was her predestined duty to protect the while ensuring the safety of the Empire.


But when the ever-threatening forces from the Borderlands challenge all she has worked towards to maintain that peace, she must search within herself to discover a new magic stronger than anything the Annals have foretold before.

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