Beat the Backlist 2018: March

Beat the Backlist 2018: March

February was a rather unproductive month for this challenge.

While I did get a few reads done for the Backlist Challenge, I was piled high with ARCs that needed to be read first. February is such a short month, so I didn’t get as far with my reading in general. But, progress is progress, right?

I was able to read four books this month for the Backlist Challenge (not including my pledged read The Forbidden Wish, yet again.)  Overall, I contributed only 28 points to the cause. I’m sorry, Story Sorcerers! 

My Completed Backlist Reads for February

This month, I'm pledging to read

I would love to pledge more, but I just don’t see how it will help me as I’m still playing catch-up from last month. So, I’ll leave this month wide open for books that I’m going to read for this challenge. Let’s hope it’s a more successful month than February!

Are you taking part in the Beat the Backlist challenge?
How is your reading going so far?
The best of luck to anyone who is participating!

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