A Warm Welcome

A Warm Welcome

Hello everyone! I’m so very excited to announce that Foals, Fiction & Filigree will now be featuring posts from a wonderful person and book lover. I’ve been waiting for the day for her to finally join the book blogging realm, and today is that day! Kendra and I have been best friends for years. Sharing similar interests, passions, and opinions, she’s a perfect addition to attribute to this blog. I can’t wait to see what she will share! Without further adieu, hear more from her directly!

Kendra @ Spellbound Books

Hello Bookworld, my name is Kendra Pope and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on reading, writing and all other bookish things. By day I am a mom who takes care of a 14 month old little girl who already loves to read. By night I work in a bookstore, helping people choose the perfect book for themselves, their friends and their families. When it comes to choosing books for myself, I tend to gravitate towards magical realism. I like anything with a twist on myth, lore or origin and I’m always up for high fantasy and magical worlds. Bring on the fae, bring on nymphs, sprites, fawns, centaurs and any other form of magical entity. Between the cracks of the day, when my daughter is sleeping or the few times she plays by herself, I find myself writing. I have a elementary/middle school age children book in the works and a few pieces of flash fiction and short stories. I appreciate good writing with strong character development and a cohesive plot and flow. I’m so excited to start the adventure of book reviews and help you decide whether a book is right for you or not. Happy Reading!

Kendra will be posting the first Monday of each month. Be sure to keep an eye out for her contributions! In the meantime, show your support by giving her a like and follow on Instagram. Her handle: Spellbound Books (click on the icon below!)

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